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Piercing care

Here are some rules to perform after having a piercing:

- prepare a solution of water and salt, (dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of hot water, not boiling);
- dip a cotton swab in the solution for a couple of seconds;
- clean the holes and the jewel bar with great care because during the healing period (at least 2 weeks) the holes will be red, swollen, have a mucus leak (lymphatic liquid and crusting). Well DO NOT WORRY it's all normal, you just have to clean the area well, especially from the crust, which could clog the holes and not let the mucous membrane come out;

- After performing the piercing cleaning procedure, you must disinfect it with a clean cotton swab by putting a saline solution on the holes and on the jewel's bar. Only then can you turn the jewel more easily and less painfully, making sure that the disinfectant also penetrates the piercing channel.

These two procedures must be carried out 3 times a day, for at least 2 weeks, after which a further week only with the solution of water and salt, maybe only 1/2 teaspoon, otherwise the holes will irritate.
If you notice that the irritation persists for more than 3 weeks, put on the holes of the cortisone ointment (CORTISONCHEMICETINA 2 ° degree or GENTALIN BETA cortisone).

As for oral piercings:
- for the inside use a non alcoholic mouthwash (rinse no more than 3 times a day for at least 2 weeks);
- for the outside, water, salt and betadine (see above).
Know that your body, in rare cases, could have a rejection of the jewel, that is, immediately or even after years, your body no longer accepts the intrusion of the foreign body (jewel) and you will be forced to remove it. This, unfortunately, does not depend on you or on the piercer who pierced you. It is very rare and also happens in cases of surgical operations with implantation of prostheses.
I want to clarify that it is obvious that the cleaning of the piercing is important to help the holes heal first, on a regular basis and for any annoying infections that could force you to remove the piercing.

- maximum hygiene, then wash your hands before touching the piercing and before each cleaning;
- do not turn the jewel more than necessary, but only during cleaning;
- do not remove and replace the jewel before the end of the treatment (3 weeks), as the jewel will be longer than usual, to facilitate cleaning and to vent any swellings;
- avoid blows on the piercing, they could irritate it and recover the wound (it is obvious that if you are of the quarrelsome types, the piercing is not for you!);
- for anything you do not go it yourself and do not follow the advice of other people, but get checked and ask for advice from the piercer who foarato you;
- for the healing period, try to avoid contact with perfumes and dust (dust, sand, talcum powder, etc. etc.) the grains could clog the holes;
- do not bandage the part as the holes must breathe and the jewel must remain straight;
In the case of a navel piercing, try to sleep on your stomach and avoid sudden bending;
- do not play with the piercing and avoid changing it often, as the internal wall of the canal is sensitive to the scratches suffered by the jewel in its insertion and sudden extraction;
- remember that even after years, the piercing can become irritated and swollen. It depends on your organism;
- for the first week you have to get used to the presence of the piercing, which could create a slight psychological nuisance, as an intruder, especially with oral piercing;
- for oral piercings, the first week, avoid eating solid foods, which could be confused with the solidity of the jewel and therefore bite it, hurting you. Do not eat spicy or hot foods, which irritate the wound. Do not dirty the holes with smoke and drinks that could stain them, as well as the inside of the piercing canal, maybe after doing a rinse with water and salt so as not to use too much the mouthwash that could irritate the holes;

REMEMBER that, having the piercing, in the first 3 weeks, means:
- patience for constant care;
- patience for maximum hygiene;
- patience for a perfectly healed hole;
- patience to wear a slightly longer and more cute jewel.
Patience is the virtue of the strong.

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