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Tattoo care

Once the tattoo is finished, the affected part is bandaged. The bandage must be removed within a couple of hours. If the bandage has adhered to the skin, it will be necessary to wet it to facilitate its detachment.

Washing should be repeated a couple of times a day, using only your hands (neither sponges, nor gloves). The cream should be applied after each wash.

Once the bandage has been removed, do not repeat occlusive bandages, but leave the skin free to breathe.

During the healing period, do not touch the tattoo, nor rub it, pinch or scratch it. If a crust forms, you have to wait for it to fall by itself. If you stop the natural healing process, there is a risk that parts of the tattoo will lose color or become infected.

During the healing period, the tattoo should not be exposed to sunlight or tanning lamps. Once the wound has healed completely, protect the part with a high protection factor cream.

During healing, avoid bathing in the sea or in the pool, as chlorine and salt water may fade the colors of the tattoo. However, the bath tub and sauna are also not recommended.
The clothes that cover the tattooed area must be soft and obviously clean. If the tattoo is on the legs, socks should not be used during the healing period.

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